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Pediatricians May Block Progress of Home Birth Bill

Coalition for Illinois Midwifery
Contact: Michelle Breen, Press Officer
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Date:April 2, 2016

For Immediate Release

Earlier this week, the  American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) submitted an amendment to the Home Birth Safety Act, HB4364.  The bill’s proponents, the Coalition for Illinois Midwifery (CFIM) accepted the amendment and  ACOG has now has taken a neutral stance on the bill.

“We thought that when the experts in delivering babies, the obstetricians, took this neutral position, we would be moving forward,” says somebody’s name of Illinois Friends of Midwives, a supporting group. “We were shocked to discover that despite the obstetrician’s position, the American Academy of Pediatricians is still opposed!”

Nearly 1000 babies are born out-of-hospital annually in Illinois. Because of an extreme shortage of licensed home birth providers, many of these babies are born at home into the hands of an underground, black market, community midwife.  HB4364 would set standards for these community midwives, requiring national credentialling as a Certified Professional Midwife CPM in order to assure safety – a standard held in 30 other states as well as Canada.

“How the AAP can believe that a black market is preferable to licensing and regulating the individuals who are already delivering approximately half of the home born babies in our state is unfathomable,” states Michelle Breen, press officer for the CFIM.  “We cannot see the logic in this decision.”

House Bill 4364 will be heard Tuesday in the House Healthcare Licenses Committee.