In the past years, several news stories have appeared as families, midwives, and legislators work to make midwifery more legally and culturally acceptable in Illinois.

Here are links to the stories, divided into local and national publications.  It starts with the most recent ones and moves toward older ones as you scroll down the page.

Local News – Television and Radio

“Illinois midwives face surge of interest in home birth during coronavirus pandemic” –

Chicago Tribune | Apr 22, 2020 at 11:04 AM


“Illinois Lacks Certified Professional Midwives” an interview with 3 CFIM Board members

Aired 4/5/16 on News Talk 970 MWAY

The Black Market for Midwives” – radio news story and transcript

Aired 4/4/16 on WUIS 91.9 NPR IL

“Lawmakers Calling to Legalize Midwives to Save on Medicare”

Aired 3/20/16 on FOX Illinois (Springfield)

“Regulating Home Births – Bishop on Air” an interview with CFIM’s Michelle Breen

Aired 11/24/15 on News Talk 970 MWAY

“Home Birth and Midwifery in Illinois”  – a one-hour call-in show

Aired January 11, 2013 – WILL am580 – Illinois Public Media

As Home Births Increase in US, Options for IL Women Remain Limited – News Story

Aired January 10, 2013 – WILL am 580 – Illinois Public Media

“Some Moms Want Greater Allowances for Home Births With Midwives”

Aired October 1, 2012 – Channel 2 News – CBS

“Midwives in Illinois”

Aired December 1, 2010 – Chicago Tonight – WTTW

Local News – Print

“Illinois Midwives Face Surge of Interest in Home Birth during Pandemic”

By Antonia Ayres – Brown, Chicago Tribune 4/22/20

“Illinois Considers Plan to Certify Midwives”

By Greg Bishop, Illinois News Network, 4/6/16

“Midwife Bill Stalled Again”

WCIS News Team, 4/5/16

“Illinois Lawmaker Looks to Legalize Midwives Statewide”

By Taylor Anderson, 3/24/16, KHQA, Quincy, Illinois

“Illinois Lawmaker want to Legalize Midwives Statewide”

By Ashley Lisenby, Associated Press, originally published on 3/20/2016 in the Chicago Sun Times

“Medical Societies Overshadow Growing Home Birth Movement”

By Meredith Wilson, originally published on 6/5/15 in the Medill News

Illinois Midwifery Debate Ongoing”

By Julie Deardorff, originally published on 8/24/2011 in the Chicago Tribune

Home Birth Bill Takes a Baby Step for Midwives”

By Rachel Wells, originally published on 3/10/11 in the Illinois Times

“Supporters of Bill to License More Midwives Plan Their Next Steps”

By Alexandra Arkin, originally published on 2/17/2011 in the Medill Reports from Northwestern University

“Illinois’ Home Birth Safety Act Awaits Passage”

By Amie Newman, originally published on 1/5/2011 in

“Use of Midwives Rises, Challenging the State to Respond”

By Jessica Reaves, originally published on 9/23/2010 in the New York Times

“Home Delivery: Thirty Years Later, Illinois Midwives Fight for Birth Rights”

By Amanda Robert, originally published on 3/25/2010 in the Illinois Times

National News

“U.S. states with more support for midwives have better birth outcomes”

By Lisa Rapaport, Reuters Health News March 9, 2018


“Despite Doctors’ Concerns, Home Births Are Increasing”

By Michelle Andrews, originally published on 2/14/12 on Kaiser Health News

“Facing Maternity Care Gaps, Midwives Push for Birthing Justice”

By Michelle Chen, originally published on 2/2/12 on The Huffington Post

Celebs, Ordinary Women Embracing Home Birth With Help of Midwives”

By Yunji De Nies and Natasha Singh, originally published on 8/1/2011 on ABC News

Giving Birth at Home: A Good Idea?”

By Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, originally published on 7/28/2011 in the Atlantic Magazine

Home Birth on the Rise by a Dramatic 20%”

By Leanne Italie, originally published on 7/5/2011 in Yahoo! News

Midwife Q & A: Are We Having Babies All Wrong?”

By Jennifer Block, originally published on 5/25/2011 in Time Magazine

Thousands More Women are Choosing Home Births Since 2004, Study Finds”

By Jaclyn Gray Medill, originally published on 5/19/2011 in the Northwestern Indiana Times

Homebirths up 20%, Driven by Natural Birth Subculture”

By USA Today, originally published on 5/19/2011 in USA Today

Home Births: Is There No Place Like Home?—Where Women Give Birth is a Contentious Issue Across the Rich World”

By the Economist, originally published 3/31/2011 in The Economist magazine

Grassroots Groups Support Legislation to License and Regulate Certified Professional Midwives”

By Michelle Saxton, originally published on 3/24/2011 in

Midwife Bill Before Lawmakers” 

By Robert Lee Long, originally published on 1/27/2011 in the Desoto Times

“Home Births in America: New Push for Midwife Licensing”

By Catherine Elton, originally published on 9/4/2010 in Time Magazine

Global News

“‘Mother Robin’ wins CNN Hero of the Year”

By Kyle Almond, originally published on 12/27/11 by CNN