How to Get Involved

Support Illinois Midwives!  Here are some ways to get involved…

1) Throw a fundraiser or donate to ICCPM.  In order to maintain a half-time lobbyist in Springfield, we must raise a few thousand dollars each month.  The lobbyist keeps us informed of relevant bills and initiatives in congress.  He also advises us on the best strategies to use in pushing forward legislation.  Throwing a fundraiser is a great opportunity to get creative and spread the word about the benefits of increasing access to midwives in our communities.  There are many possible types of fundraisers.  For information, guidance and support, contact our fundraising team You can reach them by sending email to [email protected]

2) Contact your representative.  Find out who your legislator is by following this link, clicking on the map and then entering your address.  Once you’ve identified your legislator, check out this wonderful page, published by Citizens for Midwifery, for tips on how to write an effective letter advocating for midwives.  You can also set up an in-person meeting with your legislator to talk about licensing CPMs in Illinois (see talking points in next section).

Please check our Flyers page for some information about midwifery in Illinois that you may distribute to your state representatives and senators.

3) Talk to your friends and family about the benefits of licensing CPMs, as well as about the benefits of out-of-hospital, midwife-attended birth.  Many women are unaware that homebirth is a valid option in today’s world!  Talking with friends and family about the benefits of normal birth with minimal intervention is a great way to normalize homebirth and midwifery in our culture.  Here are some talking points, specific to Illinois, to get you started:

  • Women in Illinois are already having homebirths.  Even though it is difficult, sometimes impossible to find a homebirth provider  throughout many parts of the state, women in Illinois are already having homebirths.  Nationally, the number of women seeking homebirth services has risen in recent years, and Illinois is no exception.  Women sometimes search into their third trimester to find a provider!  Still others never find a provider and opt to leave the state to have a homebirth (albeit, in someone else’s home!).
  • There are more women in Illinois who want a homebirth than there are midwives to serve them.  Nationally, CPMs and other direct-entry midwives attend the majority of homebirths.  Because the legal environment in Illinois criminalizes these providers, their numbers have shrunk drastically in the last decade.  Many midwives either leave the state or simply stop practicing due to legal pressure.
  • Licensing CPMs is the answer!  If the state of Illinois decides to recognize the national CPM license, it will make the legal environment more welcoming to aspiring providers and increase the access mothers have to their services.  CPMs are a safe, cost-effective option for low-risk women AND they are specially trained to work in an out-of-hospital setting.

4) Follow us on Facebook and join our Yahoo! group.  Join us on Facebook and Yahoo! to stay informed of the latest news regarding midwifery in Illinois and to connect with other home birth families in the state.

Interested in additional opportunities for volunteering regarding the Home Birth Safety Act?  Contact [email protected]