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2/18/2020 –

Contact you legislators and ask them to co-sponsor SB3851 and HB5629

Action Alert!

The Midwives Practice Act – SB3851 and HB5629 is here, and it’s time to contact our legislators!

TL;DR Email your legislators, call to ask them to co-sponsor.

If you already have a working relationship with your legislator about our legislation, send a brief note including the bill numbers and the article about the national report. Then skip to part 2 and call!

Contact ONLY your own legislators.

PART 1 – Email:

1) Let them know this is about SB3851 and HB5629 – the Midwives Practice Act.

2) Give a very brief statement of why you are interested in supporting this bill.

3) Remind them of at least one of the following:

home birth rates are going up;

35 states recognize CPMs as a legal, licensed providers;

growing national recognition and research demonstrates that states that have midwives integrated have better outcomes for mothers and babies;

Illinois does not have enough legal home birth midwives to meet the need, leaving mothers and babies without the protections of a licensed, integrated provider.

4) Tell them you’re sending them articles how states that support midwives have better birth outcomes, and the just-released National Academies of Sciences report on Birth Setting. Read it the article(s), and pull a short quote that speaks to you, or may speak to them. Remind them the report echoes the Home Birth Maternity Care Crisis Study Committee Report, published by IDFPR. (send links to all of them)

5) Tell them you’ll be in contact to arrange a meeting/call to answer questions.

Reuter’s article –

National Academies of Sciences press release:

IDFPR Study Committee and Report:

PART 2 – Call/Meeting:

CALL your legislator’s district office for a meeting. Try to get an in person meeting in the district (probably on a Monday or Friday). If you can’t arrange a meeting, a scheduled phone call may work as well. Before you call, you might see if there are a few other home birth supporters from the district who would make that visit with you.

When you talk to your legislator ASK them to co-sponsor the bill.

If they are unsure about the bill, ask what their concerns are.

You don’t have to answer questions you don’t have answers for.

Tell them, you’ll get back to them, and that someone might drop in to their Springfield office who can better answer that specific question.

REPORT BACK in a message to us with the outcome and questions from your call/meeting.


SJR14 – The Home Birth Maternity Care Crisis Study Committee

In 2019 we passed a joint Senate-House Resolution – SJR0014.   As a result, a study committee of legislators and stakeholders met monthly from July 2019 – December 2019.  They are charged with the task of finding a solution for the Illinois home birth crisis and have submitted a report to the General Assembly.    Read the report here:

Click here  if you need help identifying who your state (not congressional) legislators are.


Thank you for your help!  Without you, we cannot succeed!  Every individual counts. Please share this alert with anyone you know who supports making home birth safer for Illinois mothers and babies.