Action Alerts and Updates

Our most recent bills remain in limbo for the moment.  Please check back for our 2018 alerts as they come into play

2017 Alert
House Bill 677 and SB 1754  – The Home Birth Safety Act – is now in play!
Please contact your state legislators and ask them to cosponsor HB677 and SB1754.

Click here if you need help identifying who your state (not congressional) legislators are.  Once you find them, please call their office or send them mail or email asking them to cosponsor the bill. If they need more information about the bill,  please share some of our flyers with them.  You can find them here.

If your legislators hesitate to cosponsor, ask if you can at least count on their YES vote for this bill.  If they hesitate about this as well, ask them what it would take for them to move to a supportive position. Then thank them and please share this information with us. You can do so by going to the Illinois Friends of Midwives (ILFOM) Facebook group and post there.  Or you can email us at [email protected]

Thank you for your help!  Without you, we cannot succeed!  Every individual counts. Please share this alert with anyone you know who supports making home birth safer for Illinois mothers and babies.