Action Alerts and Updates

In 2019 we passed a joint Senate-House Resolution – SJR0014.   As a result, a study committee of legislators and stakeholders have begun meeting monthly.  They are charged with the task of finding a solution for the Illinois home birth crisis and submitting it to the state legislature by January 2020.    Watch here and on the Illinois Friends of Midwives Facebook group, for updates. 

In the mean time, while the committee is meeting, we encourage everyone to schedule a summer meeting with their state legislators.   Share some of the flyers from our flyers page and have a discussion about what it would mean to you if CPMs were licensed.  Ask your legislator if they would be likely to vote yes on a CPM licensure bill and ask if they have any concerns that you can bring back to us.   Share info about your planned meeting and report back after, on the Illinois Friends of Midwives FB group.  Click here to join. Or you can email them at [email protected]

Click here  if you need help identifying who your state (not congressional) legislators are.


Thank you for your help!  Without you, we cannot succeed!  Every individual counts. Please share this alert with anyone you know who supports making home birth safer for Illinois mothers and babies.